Competition Results 2020-2021

1st Print competition Competition
1st Cold Forest by Vicky Galloway
2nd Snowy Walks by Vicky Galloway
3rd Icy Chains by Vicky Galloway

Advanced Landscape and General
1st Frozen in Motion by Wullie Graham
2nd= A Walk in the Woods by Dallas Carter
2nd= Mysterious Hydro by Dominic Smith

Advanced Portraits
1st Hair Flare kid by Wullie Graham
2nd= Intensity by Brian Saberton
2nd=Weathered by Dominic Smith
2nd=Paula by Wullie Graham

3rd Image Competition
1st= Pink Rose by Margaret Dewar
1st= Eight Swans-a-Swimming by Margaret Dewar
2nd= Coe River by Vicki Galloway
2nd= Mist on the Loch by Vicki Galloway

2nd Image Competition
1st Pink Rose by Margaret Dewar
2nd= Striking Similarities by Wullie Graham
2nd= Enslaved by Dominic Smith
3rd= She's the Man by Linda Greenhill
3rd= Speed King by Linda Greenhill
3rd=A Bit of Peaky Blinder by Linda Greenhill

1st Image Competition
1st = Enslaved by Dominic Smith
1st = Monochromatic Rose by Dominic Smith
2nd Angelica by Wullie Graham
3rd White Flowering Cherry Blossom Tree Branch by Dallas Carter

Theme Competition Competition
-The Dark Side-
1st Light to Dark by Vicky Galloway
2nd Dark Tunnel by Vicky Galloway
3rd= Halloween at Stirling Castle by Douglas McEwen
3rd= The Haunted Graveyard by Linda Greenhill
3rd= Halloween at The Abandoned Lodge by Linda Greenhill
3rd= Day of the Dead Bride by Linda Greenhill

1st The Forth Rail Bridge by Dominic Smith
2nd= Bothwell Bridge by Vicky Galloway
2nd= Neidpath Viaduct by Vicky Galloway
3rd= Forth and Clyde Canal by Douglas McEwen
3rd= Pack Horse Bridge by Linda Greenhill

Vicki scored the most points with her Light to Dark and wins The Hugh Shaw Memorial Trophy.