28th March 2024
Cameron Scott from Carluke judged the last competition of the season. The competition was for the Hugh Shaw Memorial trophy and was won by Wullie Graham with a self portrait entitled "Cracking Up"
The full results are as follows:-
1st “Cracking Up" by Wullie Graham
2nd= "Lost in the Moment" by Linda Greenhill
2nd= "At the Edge of the World" by Rodger Shearer
3rd= “Hobby" by Rodger Shearer"
3rd= "Rain Soaked Puffin" by Linda Greenhill
3rd= "3D Picture" by Wullie Graham

21st March 2024
Owing to a last minute change the guest speaker tonight was Cameron Scott from Carluke Camera Club. Cameron came to the rescue at the last minute when the speaker on the syllabus was taken ill. He is a member of the Progressive Street Gang of Photographers. His work has featured in magazines and exhibitions. He is a supporting photographer at the Centre of British Documentary Photography.
Cameron gave a presentation on documentary photography containing images in his favoured black and white, high contrast style. He takes most of his photographs using a wide-angle lens and gets very close to his subjects both physically and emotionally. Many of the images in Cameron’s presentation were taken at public marches supporting industrial action and anti-racism demonstrations in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. The images were powerful and thought provoking.
The club are grateful to Cameron for filling a void in the syllabus.
Cameron will return to the club next week Thursday 28th March, to judge the annual Hugh Shaw Memorial Trophy print competition.

14th March 2024
Tonight the members viewed the annual Glasgow District Photographic Union Digital Portfolio. Each club in the GDPU was invited to enter four images from four different Authors in three different sections.
The club had a fantastic result with eight images being accepted into the portfolio. In the monochrome section the club members were delighted to see that “Father’s Love” by William Graham had been awarded twenty points. Also accepted in the monochrome section were “Futurama” by Dominic Smith and “Barbara and Billy” by Linda Greenhill. In the colour section “Eyes on the Prize” by Dominic Smith and “Very Rock ‘n Roll” by Linda Greenhill were accepted. In the nature section “Hobby” by Rodger Shearer, “Buff Tailed Bumble Bee Feeding” by Dominic Smith and “Red Squirrel Reflection” by Linda Greenhill were accepted into the Portfolio.
The club members enjoyed viewing the images on display and giving their own thoughts on them.
The guest speaker next week will be Mary Gibson from Carluke Camera Club who will give a presentation called “All the Gear – Nae Idea”.

7th March 2024
The latest meeting of Motherwell Photographic Society was a practical night giving the club members the opportunity to try some table top photography. There were some vintage cameras and various travel themed items for members to photograph. Members worked together to assist each other with lighting and arranging their chosen items.
The next meeting on the 14th March club members will view the Glasgow District Photographic Union’s annual portfolio. This is also the hand in deadline for entries for the Hugh Shaw Memorial Trophy. Members can enter up to five prints on any subject into this competition.

29th February 2024
The guest speaker tonight was Mo Thomson from Dunfermline who specialises in time-lapse and aerial photography. Mo gave a presentation called “Sand in my Boots”. He discussed the camera gear that he uses to capture photographs and videos. Mo then displayed a series of stunning images and videos showcasing his work. His images were taken mainly in the Outer Hebrides but included shots taken in and near Edinburgh. Thursday 7th March will be a practical night.

22nd February 2024
Tonight saw the judging of the Glasgow District Photographic Union Image League tie against Beith Camera Club. Gordon Scott from Mid Calder Camera Club was the judge and he awarded the maximum of twenty points for two Motherwell images - “Why So Serious?” by Linda Greenhill and “Stretching for It” by Dominic Smith. The final score for the evening was 337 points for Motherwell Photographic Society and 313 points for Beith Camera Club. The result secured second place for the club in their Image League group.

15th February 2024
The 3rd print competition of the season took place tonight. the Judge was charlie Moore from Eastwood Camera Club and the results are as follows.
Beginners Section
1st “There’s a Moose Loose” by Ashley Hanlon
2nd “After the Thaw” by Ashley Hanlon
3rd “Fun in the Snow” by Ashley Hanlon

Advanced Portrait
1st “Why so Serious?” by Linda Greenhill
2nd “A Pensive Look” by Linda Greenhill
3rd= "Blushing in Red Sweater" by Douglas McEwen
3rd= “National Pride” by Wullie Graham

Advanced Landscape and General
1st "Mr Fisher" by Rodger Shearer
2nd "Hebridean Landscape" by Rodger Shearer
3rd "A Swift Kick" by Wullie Graham

8th February 2024
The guest speaker at the meeting tonight was Libby Smith from Carluke Camera Club. Libby, who has won many awards for her photography, has visited the club many times over the years and is always an eagerly anticipated guest. She gave a presentation and practical demonstration on how to edit images for printing, highlighting the differences in the end results of digital images and prints produced for competitions. Libby explained how to select the correct printer settings for different photo paper types. She also showed how photographs differed when printed on various photo paper finishes.
The presentation was hugely enjoyed by everyone in attendance. The club members appreciated the tips and advice Libby gave to help improve the quality of their prints and will definitely be trying her techniques in their own editing workflows.

1st February 2024
The guest speaker at the latest meeting was Tom Doherty who gave a presentation called “Glasgow Wanders”. Tom, who is a member of Queens Park Camera Club, enjoys taking photographs of Glasgow that capture historic events or interesting subjects. From his vast catalogue of images, he selected photographs depicting dereliction and demolition, communities, specific projects he had undertaken and funny things to display at the meeting.

25th January 2024
Ken Lindsay judged the third image competition tonight.
The results were as follows:-
1st The Boathouse by Rodger Shearer
2nd= Into the Sand Cloud by Linda Greenhill
2nd= Stretching for it by Dominic Smith
3rd= Canisp from Loch Druim by Rodger Shearer
3rd= Heron by Margaret Dewar

18th January 2024
Tonight the club were fortunate enough to have a talk from Paul McDougal, a local wild life photographer who runs photographic trips not only in Scotland, but also Safaris to Kenya and other African countries.
In the first half of the meeting, Paul gave us a slideshow of some of the photographs he has taken across the World. Animals featured in the talk ranged from Masai Mara lions to Otters shot off the West Cost of Scotland. It was a fantastic journey through different countries and Paul happily provided us with tips on how best to photograph various animals.
In the second half of the meeting Paul concentrated more on the equipment you need to shoot wildlife and also told us more about the techniques he uses to capture his images. He made it clear that you don’t need expensive cameras to take award winning photographs but that you do need to invest in good quality lenses, especially longer telephoto lenses. He also explained that you don’t need to travel thousands of miles to get good quality photographs and said that on Thursday morning he had gone to Hogganfield Loch in Glasgow for some early morning bird photography.
More of his work can be seen at Paul McDougal Photography