21st October 2021
There were good entries in both the images and print sections in the theme competition tonight. On this occasion the club members act as judges for the night, making a change from the usual camera club judges.
The results are below
Print Section -
1st Place – William Graham – "Eyes of Satan"
2nd Place – William Graham – "Latex Nun"
3rd place equal – Dominic G Smith – "Cistine Chapel"
3rd place equal – Dominic G Smith – "Bathed in the Light of God"

Digital Image Section
1st Place – Douglas McEwan – "Fun with a Lens"
2nd place – William Graham – "Sit By Me"
3rd place – Dominic G Smith – "The Kiss"

14th October 2021
A small contingency of members went on an evening photographic trip to The Kelpies.

7th October 2021
Steve Myall of Gloucester Camera Club gave a fascinating talk called 100 Strangers. As the name suggests this takes the form of photographing 100 people who you do not know but must ask their permission to take their photographs. Candid images are not allowed and you must find out something about the people. You are required to put the images on Flickr at a rate of three a week. It is a world wide activity and is proving very popular. Steve described how he decides which people to ask and how he often finds the background first and then looks for someone dressed in clothes which complement or contrast with his chosen background. Having successfully got to his hundred photographs, he started again and again. Covid somewhat cramped his style so he is half way through is third hundred. The first hundred took two years to complete so it is a long term project which has given Steve a focus for his photography and he has met many local people who have become friends. The members found the talk interesting and stimulating.

30th September 2021
Sue Clark of Conway Camera Club gave a very interesting talk on image manipulation. Contrary to popular belief that manipulation has only been possible in the last few decades with the introduction of photoshop and similar programs, Sue proved it has actually been taking place since 1846. Manipulation is a lot easier now with computer programs but it was still possible, with a great deal of skill in the dark room, to remove people completely from prints for example. The talk was well illustrated at each stage through the history of photographic manipulation.

26th September 2021
We had a very good result in the monochrome print section of the SPF Portfolio, coming 8th = out of around 30 clubs. The results were not so good in the PDI section or colour print section, with us coming 30th and 22nd equal respectively in those two sections.

23rd September 2021

Pauline Martindale judged the first image competition tonight.
The results were as follows

1st "Colourful Starling" by Douglas McEwen
2nd= "House Sparrow" by Douglas McEwen
2nd= "Greylag Goose" by Brian Saberton
2nd= "In the Light" by Colin Cameron
2nd= "When waterfalls Love you Back" by Wullie Graham