23rd October 2021

Pauline Martindale judged the first image competition tonight.
The results were as follows

1st "Colourful Starling" by Douglas McEwen
2nd= "House Sparrow" by Douglas McEwen
2nd= "Greylag Goose" by Brian Saberton
2nd= "In the Light" by Colin Cameron
2nd= "When waterfalls Love you Back" by Wuillie Graham.

16th October 2021

Tonight’s meeting was an excellent online Zoom presentation by Malcolm Hupman entitled ‘Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK.’ Martin is the Chairman of Corby Photographic Club and specializes in Wildlife photography.
The majority of his photography takes place with a 30 mile drive of his home in Corby which includes a large number of nature reserves. During ‘lockdown’ however, much of his photography was carried out in his back garden, which was visited by a large variety of birds.
Martin discussed the equipment he uses and the shooting techniques he employs that allow him to capture the quality of images he is famous for. The talk included a massive array of different types of birds, butterflies, moths, squirrels and insects. Members were astounded by the sheer number of high quality images in the presentation.
Next week is the first Image competition of the season and the meeting will be held via Zoom. The judge for the evening will be Pauline Martindale.

9th October 2021

Tonight we were treated to a slide show and talk by our club President Linda Greenhill entitled, ‘Lights, Camera and Action Figures,’ a presentation of her recreations of famous scenes from action movies using toy action figure replicas.
Linda explained that she acquires her figures from a variety of sources including eBay, Amazon, Car Boot Sales and a number of toyshops in and around Glasgow. She has also found a number of useful figures in some of the ‘bargain basement’ shops on our High Street.
Of the 80 or so slides that she presented, some included a photograph of the scene or film poster together with her re-interpretation of the image, and everyone was impressed with how close she was able to come to the original. One of her first serious attempts at this style of photography was in re-creating the famous scene where the workers sat on a skyscraper beam having lunch with nothing beneath them but empty space using action figures from the DC Comics Marvel Universe. There were also photographs of Marvel Comic scenes ranging from Batman, Captain America, Agent Carter etc.
The backdrops that Linda uses come from variety of sources and can include items such as wallpaper and free to use downloaded image files from internet suppliers that can be printed and mounted on stiff card. She also demonstrated how easy it was to utilise a photograph displayed on a laptop monitor as a backdrop.

28th August 2021

The committee are delighted to announce that the first two meetings of the new season (September 2nd and 9th) will be in person at Holytown Community Centre. We have a full syllabus for the first half of the season with speakers from all over the United Kingdom as well as all our usual competitions. The four meetings from 16th September to the 7th October will be on-line on Zoom from home. The 14th October will be a photographic walk round Glasgow. Whether the meetings will be in person thereafter will be announced at a later date.

See the syllabus page for details.