26th November 2020
The third image competition took place tonight. The judge was Pauline Martindale. The comments Pauline made were very constructive and the high marks were spread round a number of members, including our newest member Vicky. Congratulations and well done to her. The results are as follows -
1st= Pink Rose by Margaret Dewar
1st= Eight Swans-a-Swimming by Margaret Dewar
2nd= Coe River by Vicki Galloway
2nd= Mist on the Loch by Vicki Galloway

b]19th November2020
In a change to the planned schedule, members watched a slideshow of the GDPU digital image portfolio.
The portfolio is made up of 3 sections of 25 photographs each. The sections are Colour, Black & White and Nature. The photographs are chosen from a total of 228 submitted by 19 member clubs.
This year the club were lucky enough to have two images included in the Colour section. ‘Wicked Within the Innocence,’ a portrait by William Graham and ‘Effort,’ a sporting image of Motherwell Football Club taken by Dominic Smith.
During the presentation, the president Linda, read out the comments and marks awarded by the judge selecting the images, and also gave members the opportunity to have their own say on each photograph. It was generally agreed that the Portfolio provided members with inspiration for their own future photography.

12th November2020
Neil Barlow judged the second image competition, the results were as follows

1st Pink Rose by Margaret Dewar
2nd= Striking Similarities by Wullie Graham
2nd= Enslaved by Dominic Smith
3rd= She's the Man by Linda Greenhill
3rd= Speed King by Linda Greenhill
3rd=A Bit of Peaky Blinder by Linda Greenhill

5th November2020
The theme competition was judged by the members, the results were as follows

-The Dark Side-
1st Light to Dark by Vicky Galloway
2nd Dark Tunnel by Vicky Galloway
3rd= Halloween at Stirling Castle by Douglas McEwen
3rd= The Haunted Graveyard by Linda Greenhill
3rd= Halloween at The Abandoned Lodge by Linda Greenhill
3rd= Day of the Dead Bride by Linda Greenhill

1st The Forth Rail Bridge by Dominic Smith
2nd= Bothwell Bridge by Vicky Galloway
2nd= Neidpath Viaduct by Vicky Galloway
3rd= Forth and Clyde Canal by Douglas McEwen
3rd= Pack Horse Bridge by Linda Greenhill

New member Vicki Galloway scored the most points with her Light to Dark in the Dark Side theme and wins the first trophy of the season - the Hugh Shaw Memorial Trophy.

22nd October2020
Our Zoom speaker tonight was Gareth Martin AWPF, CPAGB, founding member of the Cymru Monochrome Camera Club. The members had a real treat seeing a fantastic array of images from straight out of the camera to Salon standard using editing software to create his own individual style of images, a lot of which were monochrome. Not surprisingly Gareth has had his work accepted in numerous Photographic Salons around the country.
At the end of the meeting Brian Saberton, thanked Gareth for his talk which provided us with lot’s of food for thought and reminded us never to discard any photographs we had taken without thinking about them carefully beforehand. He was then given the now customary 'virtual' round of applause.

15th October2020
Tonight the club was lucky enough to be given a presentation by photographer Colin Southgate FRPS. who is a member of Harpender Photographic Society.
His photographic repertoire covers many genres but he is especially interested in Monochrome and Abstract Imagery.
Colin’s talk this evening concentrated on his many abstract photographs where he provided some detail on which images were individually edited photographs and on those images where he had montaged a number of photographs together to arrive at his final work of art.
Colin’s style of photography could more accurately be called ‘Creative Abstract Art,’ that uses photograph(s) as the foundation for the final image.
He rounded off his presentation by showing a selection of ‘Panels’ consisting of between 9 and 12 images grouped together in a single print that demonstrated how his abstract images complemented each other when brought together on the page.

1st June2020
The Weekly Theme Club has been running for ten weeks now. Members submit images each week on a theme chosen by the participants. The themes have been varied and include night, favourite event, colour, favourite place and gardens.

Wullie – Night
Wullie – Night

Margaret – Favourite Event
Margaret – Favourite Event

Brian – Colour
Brian – Colour

Barry - Favourite Place
Barry - Favourite Place

Carmen – Gardens
Carmen – Gardens

Douglas – Gardens
Douglas – Gardens

Bill L – Night
Bill L – Night

Dallas - Gardens
Dallas - Gardens

Linda - Night
Linda - Night