1st Print Competition
1st Birds Nest Hair by Andrea Fraser
2nd What by Douglas McEwen
3rd Double Arch by Douglas McEwen

1st Leather on Leather by Wullie Graham
2nd Here is Looking at You by Wullie Graham
3rd= Don't be Fooled by Wullie Graham
3rd= Fragrant Marie by Linda Greenhill

Landscape and General
1st Trees by Margaret Dewar
2nd Up and Over by Dominic Smith
3rd View for Santander by Brian Saberton

1st Image Competition

1st On the Head Son by Dominic Smith
2nd= Birds-nest Hair by Andrea Fraser
2rd= Purple Tulip by Andrea Fraser
3rd= On the Way Home by Linda Greenhill
3rd= Malta by Carmen Lopez

2nd Image Competition

1st Yin and Yang by Wullie Graham
2nd The Three Sisters by Linda Greenhill
3rd Squirrel Foraging by Brian Saberton

Theme Competition

1st Balloon Burst by Linda Greenhill
2nd Molten Umbrella by Wullie Graham
3rd Water Droplet by Dominic Smith
1st No Hiding Place by Wullie Graham
2nd Moonlighting by Dominic Smith
3rd Super heroes by Linda Greenhill

The winner of The Fergus Smith Memorial Trophy is William Graham