Competition Results 2023 - 2024

Theme competitions Competition
Digital Images
1st Rodger Shearer with “Ancient Village”
2nd “The Japanese Garden”. by Linda Greenhill
3rd “The Quiraing” by Linda Greenhill

1st “Spin” by Linda Greenhill
2nd “Cheers” by Linda Greenhill
3rd= “Oil and Water” by Dominic Smith
3rd= “Linn Jaw Falls" by Rodger Shearer

1st Image Competition
1st “Calm Down Boys” by Dominic Smith
2nd= “White Lily in Blue Vase” by Margaret Dewar
2nd= “Breaking the Mould” by William Graham.
3rd= “Push on Through” by William Graham,
3rd= “Mongolian Horsemen” by Rodger Shearer
3rd= “Sunset Over the Fjord” by Rodger Shearer.

2nd Image Competition
1st “White Lily in Blue Vase” by Margaret Dewar
2nd= “The Slayer Waits ” by Linda Greenhill
2nd= “Push on Through” by Wullie Graham,
2nd= "Bald Eagle" by Rodger Shearer
2nd= "Neon Daylight" by Wullie Graham
3rd= “Calm Down Boys” by Dominic Smith
3rd= “A Blast of Summer” by Margaret Dewar
3rd= “Electrifying” by Douglas McEwen
3rd= "Hide and seek" by Wullie Graham

1st Print Competition
Beginners Section
1st “How to Train your Dog” by Ashley Hanlon
2nd “Thingvellir National Park” by Ashley Hanlon
3rd “Journey to Bala” by Ashley Hanlon

Advanced Portrait Section
1st “Disdainful Look” by Dominic Smith
2nd “Determined" by Douglas McEwen
3rd “Cracking Up” by Wullie Graham

Advanced Landscape and General Section
1st “Leaning into the Bend” by Linda Greenhill
2nd= All Weather Sport” by Dominic Smith
2nd= “The Chase” by Linda Greenhill
3rd = “Rain-Soaked Puffin” by Linda Greenhill
3rd= “Sunrise on the Clyde” by Wullie Elliot
3rd= “Electrifying” by Douglas McEwen