1st Image Competition
1st Middle of the Road by Paul Millar
2nd It's been a Bad Day by Linda Greenhill
3rd= Girl in Black Hat by Margaret Dewar
3rd=Vintage Style by Linda Greenhill
3rd=Late Night Reflection by William Graham
3rd= Spring by Brian Saberton

2nd Image Competition
1st At Top Speed by Linda Greenhill
2nd Bubbles not Quite Burst by William Graham
3rd Basking in the Autumn Sun by Craig Ferguson
Highly Commended Polish Girl by William Graham
Highly Commended It has been a Bad Day by Linda Greenhill

Theme Competition
1st Not Quite Black and White by William Graham
2nd Chalk and Cheese by Linda Greenhill
3rd At The Junction by Linda Greenhill
1st Swan Close Up by Margaret Dewar
2ndTrigger by William Graham
3rd Armour by Brian Saberton

The winner of The Fergus Smith Memorial Trophy is William Graham

1st Print Competition
1st Woosh by Dominic Smith
2nd Loch Goil by Dominic Smith
3rd= Happy by Barry Nelson
3rd=Venetian Twilight by Dominic Smith

1st Little Miss Show Off by William Graham
2nd Hallween by William Graham
3rd=Guy in Wooly Hat by Margaret Dewar
3rd=Naziyah by Linda Greenhill

Landscape and General
1st Morning Wash at Sango Bay by Paul Millar
2ndThe Herdsman and Spring Water by Paul Millar
3rd=Gull Landing on Loch by Margaret Dewar
3rd=Approaching Midnight at Ardroil by Paul Millar
3rd= Dog by Margaret Dewar
3rd=Autumn in Strathclyde Park by Margaret Dewar

Competition Results 2018-2019